Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, Jumpstart Focus, LCCC GLIDE, Software/IT
Markers is a software company designing applications to modernize public company investor relations. It's estimated that as much as $9 trillion of market capitalization is foregone by companies because of ineffective investor relations, and companies forego trillions in market cap each year due to underpowered IR programs. Markers' goal is to build technology that eliminates this market inefficiency. The Markers platform manages the entire life cycle of information from internal collaboration to the dissemination to investors. Markers is a Flashstarts Accelerator company. They have received investments from Flashstarts and the Jumpstart Focus Fund, and the GLIDE Innovation Fund.  
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Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, Software/IT
Wheedle is an event marketing platform for restaurants, bars, clubs and other event organizers. Our philosophy is that everything is an event. We automate the advertising of events across the businesses’ digital channels to collect RSVPs or sell tickets. This approach allows them to drive demand by creating scarcity, capture revenue up front, increase attendance, and collect valuable marketing information. Wheedle is a Flashstarts Accelerator company. They have received investments from Flashstarts and North Coast Opportunities Technology Fund.
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Drive My Way

Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, Software/IT
Drive My Way is a unique, online, personalized recruiting service that matches CDL truck drivers with available jobs based on their qualifications and personal preferences. It makes the challenge of finding the right employer and the ideal driver much easier than traditional recruiting sites. Through its one-of-a-kind Match My Way technology, Drive My Way brings employers and CDL truck drivers together for the best possible fit. Drive My Way is a Flashstarts Accelerator company.
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Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, Jumpstart Evergreen, Software/IT
Parihug is a pairable teddy bear that allows you to hug someone from anywhere in the world. A breakthrough in telecommunication, these teddy bears are accessible haptic toys; a plush toy that is designed to escape the uncanny valley and help children and adults alike build relationships with loved ones far away. When one bear is hugged, a suite of soft, fabric-based, analog sensors alerts the bear, sending a signal to its mate over the internet, and sending hugs across thousands of miles. Parihug is a Flashstarts portfolio company.
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Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, LCCC GLIDE, Software/IT
A 2016 Flashstarts Portfolio company, Komae is a service sharing platform where users create a personalized network, or village, to exchange free services between trusted friends. The Komae app launched in February 2017 with the first application- a babysitting exchange where parents exchange free sits with trusted friends. Komae recently launched a "playdates" feature that allows users to schedule playdates before adding someone to their village. Komae is a Flashstarts Portfolio company and has received investment from Flashstarts, the Innovation Fund (GLIDE A), NEOSVF, and the Bit Factory.
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Monarch Teaching Technologies

Cleveland 200, Healthcare IT, Industry, Jumpstart Evergreen, Software/IT
Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. develops and markets proprietary software for the treatment of children with Autism and other communication disorders. Cleveland venture development organization JumpStart Inc. said it has invested $250,000 in Monarch Teaching Technologies Inc., a Shaker Heights company that makes special education teaching software called VizZle.
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Cleveland 200, Industry, Jumpstart Evergreen, Software/IT
Heureka software provides organizations with vital surveillance over the increasing amount of dark data that is prevalent in the workplace. This unstructured data includes emails, presentations, spreadsheets, word processing documents and many other electronic files stored on endpoints such as desktops, laptops and servers. Heureka helps clients manage information more efficiently, meet corporate information governance policies and mitigate the security risks associated with dark data. Heureka is a JumpStart portfolio company. The investment came from the JumpStart Evergreen Fund.
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Biomedical, Cleveland 200, Industry, Jumpstart Focus
Talmetrix, a Cincinnati-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, turns HR metrics into actionable data to boost business results. Talmetrix helps employers measure and improve the employee experience, and then integrates workforce insights with HR data that’s often kept separate, such as payroll data, training records and performance reviews. Talmetrix is a JumpStart portfolio company. The investment came from the JumpStart Focus Fund. 
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Cleveland 200, North Coast Angel Fund, Software/IT
Wisr  engages untapped alumni by providing a digital networking space for students and alumni to create and curate their personal board of advisors. Our technology builds the front-end of the funnel for advancement offices, while solving critical communications challenges for disparate university constituents.
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Biomedical, Cleveland 200, North Coast Angel Fund
ProteoSense is changing the food industry as we know it by allowing all segments of the food supply chain to meet every-increasing demands for food safety, on-demand. The company is developing a handheld sensor technology that will detect proteins that are markers of pathogens including Salmonella, E-coli, and Listeria, all of which are critical for maintaining food safety. The global food pathogen testing market was valued at $10 billion in 2014. The company is focused on the produce market – from the farms through production to your grocery store.
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