Cleveland 200, North Coast Angel Fund, Software/IT
Navistone Provides direct and digital marketers with a revolutionary way to target the right web browsers and include them in direct marketing campaigns. Adding a simple line of code to each page of your website enables a wealth of new marketing data that will measurably enhance your results.
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Healthy Roster

Cleveland 200, Healthcare IT, North Coast Angel Fund
Healthy Roster is a Virtual Athletic Training app and Injury Tracking + Communication Platform for youth sports. Based in Columbus, Ohio.Healthy Roster has one mission – keeps kids active and healthy. They give parents and coaches peace of mind when their youth athletes get hurt.With their Virtual Athletic Trainer App and Injury Communication Platform, they quickly and easily connect parents and coaches with Certified Athletic Trainers from local sports medicine groups they know and trust. And for those groups, they make sure the parents know who they can trust to treat their child and get them back on the field.
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Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, North Coast Angel Fund, Software/IT
The Remesh platform uses machine learning to understand and engage groups of people with real-time conversation. This is achieved by allowing a single moderator to converse with a group as if they were a single intelligence. Beyond inline conversation, the group’s opinion on every response is collected, analyzed, and presented in real time. Remesh is a Flashstarts Accelerator company.
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Cleveland 200, Flashstarts, Healthcare IT, Industry, North Coast Angel Fund
Complion is a document management and workflow platform for clinical research sites. Complion’s platform is the accepted standard, built by clinical researchers for clinical researchers. It ensures the highest level of compliance with the least amount of work, so that you can focus on what matters – your trials. Complion is a Flashstarts Accelerator Company.
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